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47 Key Principles for Guns

Table of Contents


Chapter 1-Getting Started
1.Guns are Dangerous
2.Overcoming Fear of Guns
3.Learn the Terms
4.How do guns work?
5.Gun Show
6.Buying a Gun
7.Test Small Before Big
8.Where to Shoot?
9.Hidden Gun Costs
10.Shooting Might Not be Fun

Chapter 2-Ammunition aka Ammo
11.Purchasing Ammunition
13.How does ammo work?

Chapter 3-Types of Guns

Chapter 4-Shotguns
17.20 Gauge vs. 12 Gauge shotguns
18.Shotgun only load 3 shells

Chapter 5-Safety
19.4 Rules of Gun Safety MLBT
20.Practice with a Toy Plastic Gun
21.Don't buy Ammo at First
22.Safety on a Gun
23.Checking if a Gun is Loaded
24.Use Snap Caps to Practice
27.Read the Manual
28.Clearing Miss Feeds
29.How to store a gun (g)
30.Negligent Discharge (g)
32.Clearing a Gun
33.Unloading a Gun

Chapter 6-Home Defense
34.What ammo to use in home defense with a shotgun?
35.Places to Hide Guns
36. Legal Issues
37.Internet searches aren't the Law
38.Internet Legal Advice can be Old
39.Know your State's Law
40.Know other state's laws

Chapter 7-Practice
41.Aiming at your Target
42.Practice Clearing Misfeeds with Snapcaps

Chapter 8-SHTF
44.Set Priorities of What to Spend Money On
45.SHTF Scenarios
46.Heat sources
47.How Much Ammo do you Need

Chapter 9-Back Matter
Glossary of Gun Terms
48.Why don't you have a gun?

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