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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 2 - Overcoming Fear of Guns

Many people who didn't grow up with guns are afraid of them.

Kids who play "Call of Duty" type video games probably won't have this fear.

I visited a friend in California a few years ago and was afraid of seeing his gun collection. When I see a cop with a gun I get worried that he could shoot me. So I'd be uncomfortable with seeing anyone with a gun. I completely understand this feeling.

I started watching some youtube channels on guns. I think the first one was Active Self-Protection, which shows the defensive usage of firearms. Some of the others were Donut Operator ex-cop showing cop interactions in a humorous way and Demolition Ranch where some humor is involved and the host shoots things.

You could be afraid to go to a gun range, but it's likely that no one was ever shot there over many years so, I'd say your pretty safe.

The more time you're around guns the less you'll fear them. But very important is the know the safety rules ahead of time.

Some fear is definitely useful. But you don't fear knives or cars which can kill you just as easily. Every time you drive down a two-lane highway, how do you know that some crazy person isn't going to turn into you?

When you learn to shoot start with a rifle that shoots 22-size bullets because there will be less recoil and more pleasurable to shoot.

So learn about guns and eventually get one. I'd recommend not getting any ammo at first to allow you to learn how it works without any danger.

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