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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 9 - Hidden Gun Costs

Ammo$0.07 per round for 22LR to $2.00 for low recoil slugs. It depends on the round you buy and price. Shipping and if you use an FFL there will be an ammo cost there500$35$1000$500
Gun CostIf you get a gun they can get expensive. My cheapest gun is $160 and the most expensive is $600 but people can pay thousands for high end10$100$500$500
Range time/Practice$4 - $30 + Ammo + Targets50$11$70
GasAny gas you pay per trip$0$250
Prepping gearIf you bought gun for SHTF then you'll be spending much more $. Food, water, tent, generators, property, bunker$2000$500,000
SafeWhere to store you guns in your house1-2$150$5000
Gun casesYou might need one for each gun or maybe one for traveling$30$400
Bulletproof gearIf legal in your state.$100$1000
FFL costsYou must buy a gun from a Federal Firearms Licensee. If you order online you'll have to pay a fee to pickup the gun. My FFL let me slide on 3 guns. so could have been $250$25$60
Shipping costsIf you spend some minimum amount you can get free shippingFree$30
Scope/SiteThese can costs more than the gun$50$1000
RepairsGuns do break. I got a gun from factory and it didn't work
LightsFor home defense you need a light and a mount$20$150
CleaningMany supplies are needed to clean a gun $20$200
Loss of friends/familySome people won't want to be your friend who caresIt's not worth it
Ammo caseswhere will you hold the ammo to transport it$10$50
MagazinesMultiple needed for each gun especially if your state limits the number of roundsper mag$10$50
Multiple gunsOnce you get one gun you'll probably want 2, 3, ...
Legal costsIf you don't follow the laws you could go to jail
TargetsMetal are expensive
TimeWhat's your time worth?
Bipod/standSomething to hold your gun on$100$300
WorryAbout getting pulled over or into an accident while transporting firearms
Gun doesn't workYou spend $ on a cheap gun and get lots of misfeeds
CarriersDo you need a knapsack or other carrier
LocksYou need to lock stuff up$100
First Aid kitsThese might be necessary for you and can be expensive1$30$200
Holsters/SlingsYou need a way to hold the gun1 per gun$20$200
Less Lethal toolsIf you have a gun you need to carry less lethal tools, like knives, pepper spray, 1 per person$10$100
TrainingYou might be required to get training 1x every 3 years$200$1000
Ear/Eye protectionSafety glasses and hearing protection$20$50
PermitsIn my county it's $300 for a permitFree$500
Stuff you don't needYou'll buy stuff that's crappy and can't use$0$200
InsurancePays to have some legal insurance1 year$150$150
Legal costsThis can get expensive if you need to retain a lawyer or have a trial$100$1000
HuntingOutfilts, gear. 

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