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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 10 - Shooting Might Not be Fun

Shooting isn't fun for the following reasons:
  • Place I go to is an old ugly building
  • Takes a long time to get there (20 mins)
  • Alone and not with people
  • Packing up is a pain
  • Worry about getting pulled over
  • Very Loud and uncomfortable noise from other guns
  • Boring shooting at a target
  • If the target is far away I can't see where the bullet went
  • Can't video
  • Can't shoot bird or buckshot
  • Ammo is expensive. Shotgun is $2 a pop
  • Range time can be expensive but I currently pay $4 a pop plus target
  • 22LR bolt is annoying
  • Drive is Annoying and Car is in bad shape
  • Buyer's remorse for each gun I buy
  • Hate that I have to pay $50 just to get new gun from FFL
  • I got a headache from shooting my shotgun
  • Recoil
  • Lead

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