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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 8 - Where to Shoot?

Now that you have your gun, know the safety rules, and have ammo you need to practice.

You need a place to shoot. If you're lucky enough to live in the country on a big property, you might be able to shoot there.

But the best thing to do is to Google Places to shoot near me. You can also ask people at gun stores or online forums.

The only way you'll know which place you like is to go and check them out.

The place I go is the Nassau County Rifle Range. It's a very old building, but since I'm over 60, I only have to pay $4.00 to shoot on weekdays before 6 PM. One thing that some rifle ranges do is make you use their ammo. Check this before you go including the price.

Now the laws for transporting firearms and ammo varies from state to state.

What to bring?

I usually bring:
  • 2-3 guns
  • Ammo
  • Ear & Eye protection

    I buy a target there for $1.00.

    Most ranges have a person monitoring the activity. Let them know you're new and ask for help if needed. But make sure you've studied the safety rules. You should be able to unload your fiream, remembering to pull/empty the magazine first then checking the chamber.

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