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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 7 - Test Small Before Big

If you're ordering something like ammo or guns you should do a small test before making a big order.

For example to vet FFLs

Don't send a big purchase to an FFL without first sending a small purchase.

To test ammo.

If you want to try some new ammo and it's cheap, don't order $1000s of dollars of it until you test it in your firearm with a small purchase and then make a big purchase.

Buy 1 box and test before you do multiple boxes. I bought Low Recoil ammo for $20 @ $2 a pop. Tried it and liked it. On the down side I bought a box of ammo for $25 and was going to test it but the price went up to $35 a box.

To check prices and reviews

Before you buy a specific gun, research prices. I found a gun for $50 less by searching the UPC.

Check online reviews of products before buying.

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