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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 40 - Aiming at your Target

This content is a very early draft to get ideas down on paper

The basics of aiming a gun are to look down the site of the weapon, press the trigger and watch where the bullet goes. If the shot doesn't go where you were aiming then adjust the aim based on where you missed. If you missed high then aim below your target. If you miss to the right, aim to your target's left, etc.

People are either right-eyed or left-eyed, which is just which eye is doing most of the looking. If you hold a finger up at arm's length and both eyes open staring at an object a few feet behind your finger. Close one eye at a time, if your finger stays put then your that eyed. If your finger appears to move you're the opposite-eyed.


The sight is what you use to aim your gun. There are many different types.

Bead Sight

Red dot


My Mossberg 500 Talo Image Enhancer comes with a laser sight which was off-target when I first got it. I moved it and the laser works much better.


This is the process of adjusting the sight so that when you shoot the bullet hits the target


If you're consistently off with your shooting it could be for a number of reasons. But all you need to do is adjust what you aim at. Say if you shoot and you miss 3 inches to the left, then just move your aim 3 inches to the right. This should allow you to hit the target. The same applies if you're shooting too low, high, or to the right. You may have to make multiple adjustments.

Iron sites


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