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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 4 - How do guns work?

Guns have very few basic principles on how they work.

You load the ammo aka bullet, projectile, round into the gun. The bullet is what shoots out of the gun and hits the target.

You aim the firearm at the target and press the trigger.

An explosion takes place sending the bullet towards the target at a very high speed.

Loading the bullet is usually a 2 step process. First you load the bullets into the gun and then you chamber a round.

Bullets have two parts. The pointy or rounded end that come out of the barrel and the back of the bullet that creates the explosion, sometimes called a case or casing.

The casing stays with the gun.

If you want to shoot another bullet you must remove the casing from the gun and load a new bullet that's ready to shoot.

The chamber is where the explosion takes place.

There are x way to load a bullet

Bullets are stored with a gun in what's usual called a magazine. You load the bullets into the magazine, then if it's an external mag you insert it into the gun.

You then have to load a bullet from the gun into the chamber via a number of ways.

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