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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 5 - Gun Show

I got started getting my first gun at a gun show. You need to google Gun shows near me.

The one I went to was $10 to get in. Just walk around and look. If you see a gun you like take a picture of it.

I found that the price I paid for my first gun was double the price I could get it on the internet.

Why buy at a gun show?
  • Save the $50 FFL fee if you buy on the internet

    Why you shouldn't buy at a gun show?
  • You might buy something illegal and not know it
  • What if you have a problem?

    Guns I couldn't buy because of no license
  • Keltec 2000
  • AR7 Survival

    I've been to 3 gun shows
  • My first Guns show
  • Antique and Modern Gun show - Jan. 15, 2023
  • Marbles Gunshow - Jan. 29, 2023

    Not sure if I should go as it's easy to drop money there especially if you have an addiction to buying/collecting firearms.

    There were 4 guns I almost bought
  • A7 - survival, gun fits in stock $350
  • Axon Foldable semi-auto $349
  • Foldable 410 camo $149
    • Buy because I collect folding guns and want to learn about 410
    • Buy because less recoil
    • Don't because you need to have a different type of ammo
  • Italian gun WW II for $199
    • Buy because I don't have an old gun
    • Don't because ammo and does it work?

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