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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 38 - Know your State's Law

One of the annoying things about gun ownership is that not knowing a law can get you into jail and ignorance of the law isn't a defense.

The best way is to check with a lawyer, but that can be expensive. But it's much more expensive than going to jail.

Since I'm not a lawyer, anything in here isn't legal advice. It's just my understanding of the law which could be wrong or old as the laws are constantly changing.

The basic laws to understand are:
  • What's legal self-defense?
  • What are your state's Stand-your-ground laws?
  • Does your state have a Castle doctrine?
  • What are the carry laws?
  • What magazine size is legal?
  • What ammo is illegal?
  • What permits/licenses are needed to own a specific gun?
  • Where can you use/take a gun?
  • How the gun can be transported?
  • What is the legality of other weapons, such as knives, pepper spray, and tasers?

    In addition to that, there are government laws & local laws also.

    The law is also vague at times. And often there's no clear law until you get arrested.

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