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47 Key Principles for Guns

Principle 19 - 4 Rules of Gun Safety MLBT

There are many rules for gun safety but the 4 main ones can be remembered via the mnemonic device MLBT (which can  be remembered by the words for Major League Baseball Team)

But the actual rules are Muzzle Loaded Backstop Trigger (MLBT).
  1. Don't point the Muzzle (the end of the gun you point at a target) at anything you don't intend to shoot at
  2. Always assume that a gun is Loaded
  3. Know the Backstop or what's Behind what you're shooting at
  4. Keep your finger off of the Trigger until you're ready to shoot

There are many other rules to follow:
  • Safely store your guns so others can't get access to them
  • Never leave a gun you're storing loaded with a bullet that can fire if you accidentally pull the trigger or drop the gun
  • Never play with or prank someone with guns as it's not a toy
  • Keep guns away from suicidal, mentally ill people
  • Never practice at home with live ammo, use snap caps (fake bullets)

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